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Appendix VI – List of Abbreviations and Acronyms

ACCUO Association of Canadian College and University Ombudsman
ADF Australian Defence Force
ADM(Fin CS) Assistant Deputy Minister (Finance and Corporate Services)
ADM(HR-Civ) Assistant Deputy Minister (Human Resources – Civilian)
ADM(HR-Mil) Assistant Deputy Minister (Human Resources – Military)
ADM(Mat) Assistant Deputy Minister (Materiel)
ADM(Per) Assistant Deputy Minister (Personnel)
ADM(Pol) Assistant Deputy Minister (Policy)
ADR Alternate Dispute Resolution
AFC Armed Forces Council
AMS Air Maintenance Squadron
APEC Asian Pacific Economic Conference
ATI Access to Information
BDE Brigade
BIOA British and Irish Ombudsman Association
Brig.-Gen. Brigadier-General
CAD Canadian Air Division
Capt. Captain
CAS Chief of the Air Staff
CBA Canadian Bar Association
CBC Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
CBG Combat Brigade Group
CCRA Corrections and Conditional Release Act
CCSFOR Canadian Contingent Stabilization Force
CDS Chief of the Defence Staff
CER Combat Engineer Regiment
CF Canadian Forces
CFAO Canadian Forces Administrative Orders
CFB Canadian Forces Base
CFGB Canadian Forces Grievance Board
CFPARU Canadian Forces Personnel Applied Research Unit
CFPM Canadian Forces Provost Marshal
CFS Canadian Forces Station (Leitrim)
CFSAL Canadian Forces School of Administration and Logistics
CFSU (E) Canadian Forces Support (Europe)
CFSU (O) Canadian Forces Support Unit (Ottawa)
CHRC Canadian Human Rights Commission
CHRT Canadian Human Rights Tribunal
CIDA Canadian International Development Agency
CLFCSC Canadian Land Forces Command and Staff College
CLS Chief of the Land Staff
CMBG Canadian Mechanized Brigade Group
CMS Chief of the Maritime Staff
CO Commanding Officer
COIR Commission of Inquiry Recommendations
Col. Colonel
COY Company
Cpl. Corporal
CRA Complaint Resolution Agency (Australia)
CRS Chief of Review Services
CSC Correctional Services Canada
DCDS Deputy Chief of Defence Staff
DFAIT Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade
DFO Defence Force Ombudsman (Australian)
DIAND Department of Indian Affairs and Northern Development
DIN Defence Information Network
DLSU Departmental Legal Services Unit
DND Department of National Defence
DND/CFLA Dept of National Defence/Canadian Forces Legal Advisor
DoD IG Department of Defense Inspector-General (United states)
DOJ Department of Justice
DPCR Director Personnel Complaints Resolution
DVA Department of Veterans Affairs
FTE Full Time Equivalent
GIC Governor in Council
HMCS Her Majesty’s Canadian Ship
HOTEF Helicopter Testing and Evaluation Facility
HT Helicopter Training
IDF Israeli Defence Force
IG Inspector General
IOI International Ombudsman Institute
JAG Judge Advocate General Jus Justice Canada
LFAA Land Forces Atlantic Area
LFCA Land Forces Central Area
LFQA Land Forces Quebec Area
LFWA Land Forces Western Area
LFWATC Land Forces Western Area Training Centre
Lieut. Lieutenant
Lieut.-Gen. Lieutenant-General
Lt.-Cmdr. Lieutenant-Commander
Lt.-Col. Lieutenant-Colonel
Lt.-Kol. Lieutenant-Kolonel (German, Dutch)
MARLANT Maritime Force Atlantic
 MARPAC Maritime Force Pacific
MBR  Member
MCCRT  Management, Command and Control Reengineering Team
 Me Maître
 MH Maritime Helicopter
MIT Massachusetts Institute of Technology
 MND Minister of National Defence
MP  Military Police
 MPCC Military Police Complaints Commission
 NAEWF NATO Airborne Early Warning Force
 NATO North Atlantic Treaty Organization
NCM  Non-Commissioned Member
NCO Non-Commissioned Officer
 NDHQ National Defence Headquarters
NIS National Investigation Services
NPF  Non-Public Funds
 OL Official Languages
OLC  Official Languages Commission
 PM Prime Minister
 PPB Personnel Policy Board
 PPCLI Princess Patricia’s Light Infantry
PSC  Public Service Commission
 PSEA Public Service Employment Act
PSSRA  Public Service Staff Relations Act
 PSSRB Public Service Staff Relations Board
 RA Royal Artillery
 RALC Régiment d’artillerie légère du Canada
 RCA Royal Canadian Artillery
RCMP  Royal Canadian Mounted Police
RCR Royal Canadian Regiment Ret’d Retired
RSC  Revised Statutes of Canada
 SAMP Security and Military Police
 Sgt. Sergeant
 SHAPE Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe
 SIU Special Investigations Unit (Ontario)
TD  Toronto-Dominion (Bank)
 TOA The Ombudsman Association
TOR Terms of Reference
UMCC  Union Management Consultation Committee
 USOA United States Ombudsman Association
 VCDS Vice Chief of the Defence Staff
 WCB Workers’ Compensation Board
XO Executive Officer


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