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Appendix II – Consultations and Briefings

Part 1: Canadian Forces Bases, Stations, Wings, Units, Schools and Formations

Province of Alberta

  • 1 Air Maintenance Squadron
  • 1 Area Support Group
  • 1 Canadian Mechanized Brigade Group
  • 1 Field Ambulance
  • 1 Military Police Platoon
  • 1 Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry
  • 38 Canadian Brigade Group
  • 4 Air Defence Regiment
  • 4 Airfield Engineer Squadron
  • 4 Wing Headquarters
  • 441 Tactical Fighter Squadron
  • Canadian Forces Base Edmonton
  • Edmonton Garrison
  • Land Forces Western Area Headquarters
  • Land Forces Western Area Training Center Wainwright
  • Lord Strathcona’s Horse (Royal Canadians)
  • Military Family Resource Centre (Edmonton) 
  • Replenishment Coy, Greisbach

Province of British Columbia

  • Canadian Fleet Pacific
  • Canadian Forces Base Esquimalt
  • Her Majesty’s Canadian Ship ALGONQUIN
  • Maritime Forces Pacific Headquarters
  • Military Family Resource Centre Workpoint

Province of Manitoba

  • 1 Canadian Air Division
  • 17 Wing Headquarters
  • 2nd Battalion Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry
  • 3 Canadian Forces Flight Training School
  • 38 Canadian Brigade Group
  • 402 Squadron
  • Canadian Forces Base Shilo
  • Canadian Forces Base Winnipeg
  • Canadian Forces Recruit Centre Winnipeg staff
  • Canadian Forces School of Meteorology
  • Minto Armouries

Province of New Brunswick

  • 2nd Battalion Royal Canadian Regiment
  • 4 Engineering Support Regiments
  • Canadian Forces Base Gagetown 
  • Family Resource Centre (Gagetown)

Province of Newfoundland

  • 9 Wing Headquarters
  • Canadian Forces Base Gander

Province of Nova Scotia

  • 12 Air Maintenance Squadron
  • 12 Wing Headquarters
  • 12 Wing Shearwater union local
  • 36 Canadian Brigade Group
  • 406 Maritime Operational Training Squadron
  • 423 Maritime Helicopter squadron
  • Canadian Forces Ammunition Depot Bedford union local
  • Canadian Forces Base Halifax
  • Fleet Diving Unit
  • Fleet Maintenance Facility Cape Scott
  • Helicopter Testing and Evaluation Facility
  • Her Majesty’s Canadian Ship TORONTO
  • Her Majesty’s Canadian Submarine OJIBWA
  • Land Forces Atlantic Area Headquarters
  • Maritime Forces Atlantic Headquarters
  • Maritime Operations Group Five
  • Military Family Resource Centre (Halifax)

Province of Ontario

  • 1 Canadian Division & Signals Headquarters
  • 1 Royal Canadian Regiment
  • 2 Service Battalion
  • 16 Wing Borden
  • 2 Canadian Mechanized Brigade Group
  • 8 Wing Trenton
  • Army Lessons Learned Centre
  • Canadian Forces Base Borden
  • Canadian Forces Base Petawawa
  • Canadian Forces Command and Staff College
  • Canadian Forces Information Operations Group Headquarters
  • Canadian Forces Medical Services School
  • Canadian Forces Recruiting, Education and Training Systems Headquarters
  • Canadian Forces Station Leitrim
  • Canadian Land Forces Command and Staff College
  • Conflict Resolution Centre
  • Directorate Land Strategic Concepts
  • Directorate of Army Doctrine
  • Headquarters and Signals Squadron
  • Peacekeeping Support Training Centre
  • Royal Military College

Province of Québec

  • 1er Bataillon du Royal
  • 22e Régiment
  • 2e Bataillon du Royal
  • 22e Régiment
  • 2e Régiment blindé du Canada
  • 3e Bataillon du Royal
  • 22e Régiment
  • 3e Escadre Bagotville
  • 430e Escadron tactique d'hélicoptères 
  • 5e Ambulance de campagne
  • 5e Bataillon de services du Canada
  • 5e Groupe-Brigade Mechanisé du Canada
  • 5e Peloton de police militaire
  • 5e Régiment d'artillerie légère du Canada
  • 5e Régiment du génie de combat
  • Base des Forces canadiennes Bagotville
  • Centre de recruitement des Forces canadiennes
  • École de langues des Forces canadiennes 
  • École de leadership et recrues des Forces canadiennes
  • École de perfectionnement et de gestion des Forces canadiennes
  • École navale Forces canadiennes Québec
  • Navire Canadien de sa Majesté CHAMPLAIN
  • Quartier général Cadets
  • Quartier Général de la Réserve navale
  • Quartier général du secteur du Québec de la Force Terrestre
  • Régiment du Saguenay 
  • Unité de soutien de secteur Saint-Jean

Province of Saskatchewan

  • 15 Air Maintenance Squadron
  • 15 Wing Moose Jaw

Outside Canada

  • Canadian Contingent LOGBATT − Golan Heights, Israel
  • Canadian Contingent United Nations Disengagement Observer Force – Golan Heights, Israel
  • Canadian Contingent NATO Airborne Early Warning Force (NAEWF) − Belgium
  • Canadian Contingent Stabilization Force (CCSFOR) – Bosnia
  • Canadian Defence Attachés (Rome and Tel Aviv)
  • Canadian Defence Liaison Staff (Washington, D.C.)
  • Canadian Forces Support Unit (Europe) − Geilenkirchen, Germany
  • Canadian Forces Support Unit (Europe) − Selfkant, Germany
  • NATO International Military Staff – Belgium (Canadian staff) 
  • Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe (SHAPE) – Belgium (Canadian staff)

Part 2: National Defence Headquarters Staff

  • Deputy Minister
  • Chief of the Defence Staff
  • Vice Chief of the Defence Staff
  • Assistant Deputy Minister (Finance and Corporate Services)
  • Assistant Deputy Minister (Human Resources-Civilian)
  • Assistant Deputy Minister (Human Resources-Military)
    • Chief of Staff
    • Director Personnel Complaints Resolution
    • Executive Director Conflict Management
  • Assistant Deputy Minister (Materiel)
  • Assistant Deputy Minister (Policy)
  • Deputy Chief of Defence Staff
  • Chief of Review Services 
    • Senior Principal
  • Judge Advocate General
  • Chief of the Air Staff
    • Associate Chief of the Air Staff
  • Chief of the Land Staff
    • Associate Chief of the Land Staff
  • Chief of the Maritime Staff
    • Director General Maritime Doctrines and Operations
    • Director General Naval Personnel
  • Canadian Forces Provost Marshal
  • Defence Chief Information Officer
  • Chaplain General
  • Military Police Company
    • Military Police Sergeant-Major
    • Assistant Provost Marshal (National Capital Region)
  • DND/CF Legal Advisor
  • Canadian Forces Gender Integration and Employment Equity Advisor 
  • Quality of Life Team

Part 3: Representatives of Armed Forces Inspectors-General, Federal, Provincial and Private Industry Ombudsman Offices

Armed Forces Inspectors-General/Ombudsmen
Australian Defence Force Ombudsman
Czech Republic Armed Forces Ombudsman
Danish Ombudsman
Israeli Defence Force Soldiers’ Complaint Commissioner
Norwegian Armed Forces Ombudsman
Parliamentary Commissioner German Armed Forces
Royal Netherlands Armed Forces Inspector-General
Swedish Ombudsman
United States Department of Defense Inspector General
United States Inspector General (Army) Europe

Federal and Provincial Government Ombudsmen
Alberta Provincial Ombudsman
Atlantic Regional Director Canadian Human Rights Commission
British Columbia Provincial Ombudsman
British Columbia Worker’s Compensation Board
Canada Post Ombudsman
Canadian International Development Agency Ombudsman
Correctional Investigator Canada
Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade Ombudsman
Department of Indian Affairs and Northern Development Ombudsman
Industry Canada, Bureau of Competition Policy, Compliance and Coordination Directorate
Manitoba Provincial Ombudsman
Nova Scotia Provincial Ombudsman
Office of the Commissioner of Official Languages
Office of the Information Commissioner of Canada
Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada
Ontario Provincial Ombudsman
Protecteur du citoyen du Québec
RCMP External Review Committee

Private Industry Ombudsmen
Algonquin College Ombudsman
American Express (US) Ombudsman
Bank of Nova Scotia Ombudsman
Canadian Banking Ombudsman
Canadian Broadcasting Corporation Ombudsmen (English and French)
Concordia University Ombudsman
Columbia University Ombudsman
FBI Ombudsman
Harvard Medical School Ombudsman
Hydro-Québec Ombudsman
Ombudsman Service International, Consulting Ombudsman
San Francisco Police Department
Sandia National Laboratories (US) Ombudsman
Shell Oil Company (US) Ombudsman
Toronto-Dominion Bank Ombudsman and ‘Between Us’ program
Toronto Star Ombud

Part 4: Representatives of Other Government Departments, Unions and Agencies

Canadian Merchant Service Guild
Federal Government Dockyard Chargehands Association
Federal Government Trades and Labour Council (East)
International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers
Parliamentary Defence Critics
Professional Institute of the Public Service
Public Service Commission
Queens Harbour Master Union Local
Royal Canadian Legion
Union of National Defence
Employees United States Minister Counsellor for Political Affairs

Part 5: Individuals

Colonel (Retired) Michel Drapeau
Doctor Barry Armstrong
Doctor Douglas Bland
Doctor Mary Rowe
Doctor Patrick Robardet
Honourable George W. Adams, Q.C.
Honourable J. Gilles Lamontagne
Honourable Justice Gilles Létourneau
Maître Daniel Mockle
Maître Simon Noël, C.R.
Mr. Scott Taylor
Professor Ed Ratushny

Part 6: Retired and Current Members of the DND/CF, their families and the General Public

We received numerous comments and suggestions from retired and current members of the Department of National Defence and the Canadian Forces, their families, as well as the general public. Many requested that their identifies be kept confidential, however, their views and opinions were taken into consideration during the writing of the report.

Part 7: Conferences and Speeches

Advanced Logistic Officers Course (Borden)
Base Commanders’ Forum (Ottawa)
Chief of the Maritime Staff Working Group (Ottawa)
Conférence du Protecteur du citoyen (Montréal)
Conference on Ethics in the Canadian Forces (Ottawa)
General Officers’ Seminar (Ottawa)
Journées de Perfectionnement (Saint-Jean et Valcartier)
The Ombudsman Association – Ombudsman 101 Course (Washington, D.C.)
National Personnel Administration Officer Professional Development Seminar (Ottawa)
Ombudsman Investigators Workshop (Halifax) Senior Non-Commisioned Members Meeting (Ottawa)
Union Management Consultation Committee (Ottawa)
United States Ombudsman Association Conference (Detroit, Michigan)

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