Progress Report on Recommendations: An Investigation into the 1974 Valcartier Cadets Grenade Incident

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Status of recommendations

Recommendation 1

The Department of National Defence immediately offer assessments to all those who claimed to have been adversely or permanently affected by this incident to determine the physical and psychological care required, and based on these assessments, fund a reasonable care plan.

Status: Accepted check icon Implemented check icon

Recommendation 2

Following the full assessment and definition of the long-term needs of the affected individuals, and in order to ensure that they are treated in a way that reflects Canadian values, it is recommended that the Department of National Defence, under the direction of the Minister, award them an immediate and reasonable financial compensation in line with jurisprudence in similar situations.

Status: Accepted check icon Implemented check iconcheck icon

Next Steps

Although all recommendations are considered to be implemented, our Office will continue to periodically contact the responsible office regarding the remaining affected individuals.



DND/CAF have indicated that they accept the recommendations.

Not Accepted

DND/CAF have not indicated that they accept the recommendations, or have indicated that they do not accept the recommendations.

Met / Implemented

Work completed to date fully or largely meets the intent of the recommendation, including circumstances where the recommendation has been implemented to the extent demonstrably possible within existing DND/CAF authorities.

Partially Implemented

Work is underway to address the substance of the recommendation, and it is reasonably probable that additional progress will be made;

Work began to address the substance of the recommendation, but one or more aspects of the recommendation have since become objectively un-implementable or overtaken by events.

Not Met / Not Implemented

Work to address the substance of the recommendation has not begun;

Work completed to date does not largely meet the intent of the recommendation, work started on implementation of the recommendation.

Unable to Assess

Insufficient information is available to make an assessment, including in circumstances where DND/CAF has not yet provided adequate responses.

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