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Appendix III: Written statement of Major Michel Lavoie, July 10, 1998



Memorandum of Captain Poulin

I, Major Michel Lavoie, voluntarily witness, at the request of the National Investigation Service, Central Region, of the facts concerning two memos written by Captain Bruce Poulin and addressed to the Assistant Commandant of the CFT in the month of July 1996.

When Captain Poulin came back from his Staff Command course in Kingston in the month of June 1996, I asked him what he thought of the course. He answered that he had noted certain deficiencies and that Colonel Serge Labbé's behaviour hadn't impressed him much.

After he told me this, I strongly recommended to Captain Poulin to put everything on paper and to address that to Major General W.C. Leach, my immediate supervisor.

As soon as I went back to work, I told the Assistant Commandant that Captain Poulin, following my recommendation, would write him a memo describing Colonel Labbé's out-of-place behaviour during his stay in Kingston, as well as the confession obtained from one of the waitresses at the Officer's Mess. He was also supposed to include his recommendations to improve the course.

In July, the month before our move to Ottawa in August, (me and the Assistant Commandant) I gave Captain Poulin's two memos to the Assistant Commandant, one describing Colonel Labbé's behaviour and the other mentioning the course's deficiencies that he observed.

It's only after the Christmas holidays, in January or February 1997, that I talked to the Assistant Commandant about the memo concerning Colonel Labbé. Captain Poulin had asked me once or twice to obtain information on the actions taken concerning his memo. I therefore asked General Leach what he had done. As he was coming out of his office, he answered: “I didn't know I had to report back to Captain Poulin.” Captain Poulin, being near the General's office door, heard that answer at the same time as I did. Seeing his bass reaction (General Leach) I added: “I assume it is taking care of sir”. By his facial expression, I understood that he was saying yes. After that, I never saw, noted or had any knowledge of any correspondence or discussion concerning that memo.

On June 26, during my return, back from Paris, I saw Major Leach on television in the plane. I discussed this briefly with my future Commandant (Lieutenant Colonel M. Duhamel) who was waiting for me at Moncton's airport.

On this day, this declaration is a short resume of the facts as I remember them.

Signed by Michel Lavoie
10 July 1998

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