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Appendix I : Memorandum from Captain Bruce Poulin, July 9, 1996


09 Jul 96



  1. Because of my concern for the reputation of the CF coupled with my responsibilities as a member of the GS cell, I feel that I should bring the following incidents to your attention before they become known to the general public.
  2. On the evening of Friday, 03 May 96, I saw Col Labbé rubbing the back of one of the Fort Frontenac female employees. That evening, she had been given the night off so that she – along with the entire FFOM staff - could join the students of course 9601 in a TGIF aimed at thanking them for their support.
  3. Several weeks later I approached the woman in question, took her aside, and asked her about the aforementioned incident. She replied that she was often terrified of Col Labbé during many of the FFOM (Fort Frontenac Officers Mess) evening functions. In fact, she later added, she often joined the largest group of people located in the Mess so that she could feel somewhat more secure from Col Labbé's advances (This happened even when she was working that same evening). She then added that although I (Capt Poulin) may have been embarrassed by Col Labbé’s behaviour then (May 96), I had not seen anything when compared towards his behaviour towards her at X-Mas party held in Dec 95.
  4. The woman in question then concluded her conversation with me by stating that she had complained to her superior about Col Labbé’s behaviour towards her although she did not mention what actions (if any) had been taken to address her complaints.
  5. The last comment I should like to make here is that twice during our conversation, she intimated that Col Labbé had told her that he did not wish to FORCE HIMSELF ON HER but that HE LIKED HER A LOT.
  6. I must confess that I am not aware whether this matter is being pursued further although I am aware that this kind of harassment could have very serious repercussions on Col Labbé and the CF in general should it be revealed to be true.
  7. What is even more revealing is that when other students where made aware of the said earlier facts they did not seemed surprised by Col Labbé’s behaviour. Instead, they told me about another incidents they had witnessed first hand. Namely:
    1. While Col Labbé was a Battalion commander in BFC Valcartier in the late 1980's, he arranged for transportation along with drivers to take all of his officers dressed in uniform (combats) to a local strip club. You should note that one of the girls' striptease acts included dressing up in one of the officers' uniforms.
    2. As we waited to board our buses for the CFB Trenton airport on 4 May 96, several candidates on the CLFCSC course began drinking at the FFOM in the presence of Col Labbé. When the buses arrived the officers brought their drinks on board the bus. Approximately 20Km from CFB Trenton the officers who had been drinking convinced the military bus driver to pullover so that they could urinate outside. The bus driver obliged and the officers in question got out and began to urinate along the side of this CF bus which was parked on the side of Hwy 401. To make matters worse, some of these same officers then brought their glasses of Jack Daniels into the CFB Trenton air terminal and began drinking whilst they waited to get their boarding passes. Once again, Col Labbé was present but he took no action.
  8. Rest assured that I am not doing this with any expectation of either disciplinary and/or administrative action. Rather, I am doing so because I feel that these facts may require further investigation because of their implication should they prove correct. Second, given the sensitivity of the matter, I felt that this whole issue could only be dealt with at your level. Finally, you should also be aware that several officers on my course told me that they were prepared to use this information should they feel jilted by Col Labbé in the future in order to get even.
  9. Sir, I trust that you will see my actions as one of loyalty towards you and the CF and not one of disloyalty towards a superior officer. I fear that Col Labbé’s failures will be perceived by the public as some of my own failures and I refuse to accept that kind of stereotyping lying down. So, I felt it necessary to at least express my concerns with you at this time.

B. Poulin
G5 Speechwriter

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