Message from the Ombudsman (November 11, 2015)

Remembrance Day Message

As we pin our poppies, place our wreaths and pause in silence today, let us truly remember. 

Let us honour the courageous men and women of the Canadian Armed Forces who, without question, have answered the call to serve our country.

Let us pay tribute to their dedication. Let us recognize the cost of their service; the countless hours spent training; the mental and physical scars; and the time spent away from their families to ensure the safety of our own and of others around the world. 

Let us remember those who will never return, those who have paid the ultimate price for justice and freedom. Let us remember those who were lost, and those who may not have found the help they needed in time.

And let us acknowledge the family behind each soldier; the sacrifice they make and the strength they have brought and continue to bring to their loved ones in uniform.

With honour, thanks, reverence and remembrance, we salute you who gave, and who give, so selflessly of yourselves so that we are proud and free to call ourselves Canadians. We remember and we thank you.

Gary Walbourne

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