Remembrance Day, 2016

Today is not like any other day. It is a day to reflect on the sacrifices of our military; to remember those who fought and died for Canada.  

We think about the parents who had a last embrace with their sons and daughters before sending them off to the unknown.

We reflect upon the soldiers, aircrews and sailors who moved towards the fire, not away from it. They fought with tenacity and courage and never backed down or bowed out.

We recognize the nurses and doctors who put their skills to the care of our military members.

We remember the millions of Canadians who worked in communities, in factories or were part of the merchant Navy ensuring that our soldiers and allies at the frontline had everything they needed, often sacrificing their own well-being. Today is the day to remember that part of our Canadian identity, was shaped on the battlefield.

The costs were immense. Tens of thousands of Canadians did not make it through the fight. Others came back scarred from battle.  

They did their duty to this country. It is now our duty to pay tribute to their selfless dedication.

We remember and we thank you. 

Gary Walbourne

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