Progress Report On Recommendations Part-Time Soldiers With Full-Time Injuries

Ombudsman Message | May 29, 2018


My Office is pleased to provide a progress report on the 2nd anniversary of the release of our report titled Part-Time Soldiers with Full-Time Injuries: A Systemic Review of Canada’s Primary Reserve Force and Operational Stress Injuries.

At this time, the report’s three recommendations, all of which were accepted by the Minister of National Defence in June 2016, remain unimplemented. While efforts are underway to update policies and information products on Reservists’ eligibility for health care, periodic health assessments, and Reserve employment, there remains a lack of training and a need for a broader communications plan to increase Reservist’s awareness of their benefits.

I remain concerned about the Department of National Defence and Canadian Armed Forces’ capacity to follow-up with Reservists for unresolved administrative or medical requirements, especially those with a deployment history. A consistent and meaningful approach to reaching Reservists must be maintained in order to ensure their health and well-being.

My Office will continue to pursue the implementation of our recommendations and provide regular updates on our website. If you need information about benefits and services for those members who are ill, injured, or transitioning out of the Canadian Armed Forces and their families, you can access the new Military Benefits Browser or contact our Office at 1-888-828-3626. We are ready to help.


Gary Walbourne

Department of National Defence and Canadian Forces Ombudsman

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