Ombudsman launches systemic investigation into the administration of postings outside of Canada


Ombudsman Message | 19 June 2019


Today, I am pleased to announce the launch of a systemic investigation into the administration of postings outside of Canada.

Members of the Canadian Armed Forces and employees of the Department of National Defence who are posted abroad, along with their families, experience unique challenges they might not otherwise face in Canada.

Over the past several years, this Office has received complaints from these constituents related primarily to the interpretation and administration of services and benefits, and to perceived unfairness in the posting process as a whole. In spring 2019, this Office conducted preliminary research which identified areas of concern that warrant further investigation.  

In the coming months, we will visit key locations abroad to conduct interviews with members of the Canadian Armed Forces, employees of the Department of National Defence, and their families.

Ultimately, our efforts will be put towards providing decision makers with evidence-based recommendations concerning the many administrative, procedural, and policy challenges facing personnel posted outside of Canada. We intend to provide periodic updates on specific issues prior to the release of our final report in 2020.

I encourage all members of our Defence community to consult our website regularly for updates, and to contact this Office with any questions or concerns regarding postings outside of Canada or any other issue affecting their well-being. We are ready to help.


Gregory A. Lick
Interim Ombudsman

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