Response from CDS on the IPR Policy

17 March 2016
Mr. Gary Walbourne
Office of the Ombusman
Department of National Defence
100 Metcalfe St., 12th Floor
Ottawa, ON K1P 5M1


Dear Mr. Walbourne,

Thank you for your correspondence of 8 January 2016 regarding the adverse effects on certain ill and injured members of the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF), which are caused by the September 2014 amendments to the CAF’s Intended Place of Residence (IPR) relocation policy.

Since those amendments, it has become apparent to the CAF that the current time frame to fully exercise the IPR relocation benefits is unrealistic for many CAF members who are not fortunate enough to enjoy favourable and ideal personal circumstances, economic conditions, job market conditions, and home sale market conditions. This is evidenced by the high volume of extension requests that are received by the Director of Compensation and Benefits Administration (DCBA) throughout the year.

A new CAF relocation policy is currently being developed and will be negotiated with Treasury Board Secretariat (TBS) staff in the very near future. Several aspects of the policy are being targeted for positive changes, including the current IPR policy and time limits. Your correspondence will undoubtedly provide valuable support for those positive changes.

As the renewal of the CAF’s relocation policy remains under negotiation with TBS staff, we are unfortunately neither in a position to disclose details of the proposed changes nor to provide timelines for implementation.

Thank you again for you letter and your very genuine concerns for the welfare of our CAF members.



J.H. Vance

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