Response from the Minister of National Defence regarding the Cadet Report

Mr. Gary Walbourne
Office of the National Defence and
Canadian Forces Ombudsman
100 Metcalfe, 12th floor
OttawaON KI P 5M1


Dear Mr.Walboume:

Thank you for your letter ofDecember 8, 2016,withwhich you enclosed a copy ofyour report
entitled Cadets:An Investigation ofthe Support Provided to Cadets Who Suffer an Illness or
Injury as a Result of a Cadet Activity. Your input on these matters is valued, and I appreciate
receiving your recommendations.

Currently, a cadetwho suffers illness or injury as a result of an approved cadet activity is entitled
to the same level o fmedical care as a Private of the Reserve Force who is serving on a short term basis
(Class A Reserve Service orClass B Reserve Service for a period less than 180 days).

In addition, cadets have access to long-terminsurance coverage through policies maintained by
the civilian Navy League, Army Cadet League and Air Cadet League of Canada.

I wish to assure you that the protection, safety and welfare of our cadets is one our highest
priorities. As such, we are committed to fully reviewing your report in consultation with our
Cadet League partners. In addition, the CanadianArmed Forceswill reviewthe process of
providing support to cadets who suffer illness or injury as a result of approved cadet activities.

This review will include an analysis ofdifferences between the support provided to full and parttime
reservists and the support provided to cadets.

Taken together, these measures will help us determine the bestway forward in supporting the
cadets who become ill or injuredwhile participating in the Cadet Program.

Thank you again for sendingme a copy of your report. I appreciate your continued support of
ou rmen and women in uniform and their families.

Yours sincerely,

The Hon. Harjit S. Sajjan, pc, omm, msm, cd, mp

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