Response from CDS on the status of the PLD and TPLD freeze

22 September 2015

Mr. Gary Walbourne
Office of the Ombudsman
Department of National Defence
100 Metcalfe St, 12th Floor
Ottawa, ON K1P 5M1


Dear Mr. Walbourne,

Thank you for your correspondence of 31 July 2015 regarding the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) efforts toward renewing the Post Living Differential (PLD) and Transitional Post Living Differential (TPLD) benefits, and requesting an update regarding the timeline for decision and implementation.

Since this office’s last correspondence to you on 27 February 2013, the CAF has worked with Treasury Board (TB) officials and have come to a consensus on most aspects of a new PLD methodology that will better reflect the actual cost of living variances at CAF locations across Canada (less isolated Posts), continue to normalize the CAF standard of living, beresponsive to annual changes in costs of living, and be fair to all CAF personnel.

This very important benefit remains a high priority for CAF. Early this year, CAF had submitted a revised proposal – with updated PLD rates – and sought MND support to advance the file. Concurrently, TBS staff had reviewed the contractor-provided cost of living data and signalled their concurrence with the new rates. As a result the Parliament being dissolved on August 2 2015, progress towards a renewed policy approval and implementation is in abeyance until after the federal election.

As the renewal of this program remains under negotiations with TBS and the Government of Canada, we are unfortunately neither in a position to disclose further information nor to provide timelines for implementation. These restrictions equally limit the information that can be shared with CAF personnel.

Notwithstanding, CAF command teams have continued to reassure their personnel of the priority CAF places on the renewal of the PLD program and that considerable CAF effort continues to be applied towards this initiative.

Thank you again for your letter and you very genuine concerns for the welfare of our CAF members.



J.H. Vance


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