Response from CDS: Joint Personnel Support Unit concerns

7 January 2016

Mr. Gary Walbourne
National Defence and Canadian forces
100 Metcalfe Street, 12th Floor
Ottawa, ON K1P 5M1

Dear Mr. Walbourne,

Thank you for your letter of 2 October 2015 in which you share your concerns regarding the Joint Personnel Support Unit (JPSU). 

As you know, the JPSU was initially stood up in 2008 to support our Ill and Injured and has been the subject of much internal review since its inception, including a CRS Governance review which is being held in abeyance pending the Lean Headquarters Review, the Preliminary Assessment conducted by your office in October 2013, as well as several recent research pieces conducted by the Director General Military Personnel Research and Analysis.

Most recently, following my appointment as the Chief of the Defence Staff, I directed a review of the JPSU, under the authority of the Chief of Military Personnel (CMP). The Review Team, led by Brigadier-General Anderson, has already completed their work and submitted a report entitled “CDS Directed Review of Care for the Ill, Injured and Transitioning”, a copy of which has been provided to your staff. Under the auspices of CMP, a Steering Committee (SC) was struck to analyze and address the recommendations noted in the report and four subsequent Working Groups were formed based on the respective subject matter. The office of the Ombudsman was invited to participate as a member of the SC in an effort to ensure that your office maintains visibility on the review process, the recommendations in the report as well as the actions that DND/CAF will take in response to the report. In this regard, I’m pleased to advise that Ms Robyn Hynes of your staff has been actively engaged as a member of the SC.

I trust that my letter addresses your concerns and want to assure you that CMP will continue to work closely with your office on the JPSU Review.



J.H. Vance

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