Response from Chief of the Defence Staff: BOI Report

17 February 2017

Mr. Gary Walbourne
DND CAF Ombudsman
100 Metcalfe St, 12th Floor
Ottawa ON K1P 5M1


Dear Mr. Walbourne,

Thank you for writing the collaborative report, Support to Bereaved Military Families. I certainly share your interest in ensuring that the families of CAF casualties receive the best possible support at their most vulnerable time. We learned a great deal during the Afghanistan campaign and have improved our processes considerably; however, there is more work that can be done. As you point out, and families have validated, clear, accurate, and consistent information is central to supporting the families effectively and with compassion.

The Working Group has considered, in a holistic way, the issue of engagement with grieving families. In addition, the Working Group will continue to make recommendations regarding changes in policies or processes to ensure that all CAF families who face the death of serious injury of a loved one receive the information and support needed.

I would like to thank you for providing a key member of your staff for the Working Group. Ms. Lavoie was invaluable in ensuring that all aspects of the issue were carefully assessed and is to be commended for her diligence in preparing a thorough and accurate report.

In conclusion, I support the findings and recommendations included in this report. This joint effort has proven to be a successful endeavor and an effective means to cooperatively find ways to best support our soldiers and their families. I look forward to similar opportunities for collaboration in the future,



J.H. Vance

Cc: Mr. John Forster, Deputy Minister
Lieutenant-General; Christine Whitecross, Commander Military Personnel Command

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