Letter to CMP: Concerns about Personnel Awaiting Training

25 June 2014

General Millar
Chief Military Personnel
National Defence Headquarters
101 Colonel By Drive
Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0K2

Personnel Awaiting Training (PAT)

Dear General Millar,

In November, 2013 my Office conducted an outreach visit to Wainwright, Alberta. During our visit, concerns were raised that PAT may be enduring protracted periods without meaningful work or structure while they wait to be course loaded.

As a result, in January, 2014 we commenced a preliminary assessment to better understand the numbers of PAT, the average time PAT spend waiting for their occupational courses, the resulting impact on PAT and, lastly, the costs associated with the management of PAT. A summary of our findings is attached for your information.

We understand that as a result of the Chief Review Services report entitled Evaluation of Recruiting and Basic Military Training, released in 2012, you have overseen several initiatives in an attempt to reduce wait times between basic military qualification graduation and the commencement of occupational training; namely:

  • a pilot project of just-in-time training delivery for five military occupations;
  • the development of a comprehensive strategy for aligning recruiting and basic military qualification with occupational training; and
  • the implementation of the Military Personnel Management Capability Transformation.

Multi-year, phased approaches were projected for the two latter initiatives. In light of the time that has passed since the proposal of these initiatives, and the phased approach for proposed finalization, could you please provide the status of the steps taken and the progress reported in each of the abovementioned projects?


Gary Walbourne

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