Chief of Military Personnel responds to Ombudsman's concerns regarding Personnel Awaiting Training

From: Brigadier-General J.P.L. Meloche
Sent: Wednesday, 30, July, 2014
To: Gary Walbourne
Cc: Lieutenant-General Millar 


Subject: Personnel Awaiting Training (PAT)

Attachments: Ombudsman.pdf

Reference: Your letter – Peronnel Awaiting Training – dated 25 June 2014 (Enclosed)

  1. On behalf of LGen Millar, Chief Military Personnel, I would like to address your concerns regarding the situation of personnel awaiting training (PAT) as noted in your 25 June 2014 letter (copy enclosed).
  2. First I would like to acknowledge the fact that we cannot, as an institution, reduce to zero the number of PATs. There will always be personnel who experience for example training failure and/or medical/personnel issues, either at CFLRS or during occupational training. When this occurs, they are “desynchronized” with the training schedule and end up on PAT platoons. As a former Commander of CFB Borden /CFSTG, I can say that the numbers of PATs in Borden is much lower than it used to be and, I can assure you that now, as Comd CFRG, the PAT situation is an issue for which I am also concerned. 
  3. CFRG personnel spend an incredible number of hours to attract and process Canadian citizens and we also find it difficult that some of those new recruits may be leaving the CAF because they lose interest while awaiting training for the occupation that they have selected.
  4. To this effect, since October 2013, CFRG has implemented a new tool that permits us to synchronize the needs of the RCN, CA, RCAF and CMP (for the purple occupations) for their occupational training with the training capacity of CFLRS. This synchronization then determines the date that the CFRC detachments enroll new recruits. We are aware that the synchronization tool is not perfect but we are quite confident that this new tool will help CFRG to enroll recruits “Just in Time”, to meet the Force generators’ requirements and to reduce significantly the number of recruits on the PAT platoons.
  5. The recruiting component of the MPMCT will not be available for another few years. As noted in the CRS report, the “limited implementation of recruits to the operationally functional point” is not before 2017. Since we moved to “e” applications and that we are proceeding with the Renewal Initiative CFRG 2016, we could not afford to wait for MPMCT to be available to manage the processing of the applicant files. In order to cater to this situation, I have requested and obtained authority to create and implement an interim pilot module for recruit management and tracking. This will replace the current Canadian Forces Recruiting Information Management System (CFRIMS) and I expect to do a full rollout of this software this Fall.

Thank you for your concerns and I remain available should you have more questions.


Brigadier-General J.P.L. Meloche
Canadian Forces Recruiting Group
25 Centurion Close
P.O. Box 1000, Station Main
Borden, Ontario, Canada L0M 1C0
National Defence - Government of Canada

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