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Ombudsman Observations – 8 Jan 07

CFB Borden – Immediate Action On Specific Points

SerialObservationsResponseResponsible OPITimeline
1    What has been or will be done to inform recruits, in particular at CFB Borden, of their linguistic rights, and how will the CF ensure those rights are fully respected?    Effective immediately all new students arriving at CFB Borden will receive as part of their orientation an awareness education session on their linguistic rights and responsibilities. SSO Ops & Trg Immediate & Ongoing
An Official Language Champion has been appointed within the Senior Officer core of CFB Borden, responsible for oversight, focus on programme and OL issues and feedback/observation resolution, through direct engagement of School Commandant’s, Unit Commanding Officers and Commander CFB Borden. Comd CFB Borden/ Pers Admin O Immediate & Ongoing
Immediate introduction of an out-clearance survey to monitor ongoing language of choice issues and address shortfalls. Comd CFB Borden/ CFSTG Pers Admin O Immediate & Ongoing
As part of the accountability framework, immediate inclusion of OL obligations in all Senior Officer personnel development reviews and personnel evaluation reports. Comd CFB Borden/COS Immediate & Ongoing
2 What steps will be taken
(i) to ensure that recruits understand how they should proceed when they face language problems of the type described above, and
(ii) to ensure that they can raise such issues in a climate of openness and without fear of reprisal?
CFB Borden will immediately introduce a feedback/observation mechanism, whereby individual students can raise their language concerns outside of their chain of command, without fear of reprisal and receive a response within 48 hours of receipt. This information will be included in the orientation/awareness sessions mentioned at serial 1. Comd CFB Borden/ Pers Admin O Immediate & Ongoing
3 What steps will be taken, and when, to improve the capacity of the staff to work in both official languages, especially as recruiting ramps us and as more and more recruits are sent to CFB Borden? These measures are ongoing. Discussions will be held with CFRG to better prepare Training Establishments with long-term trainee demand and requirements. CFB Borden will continue to engage CMP and individual Career Managers to develop/increase capacity of staff to work in both official languages. Comd CFB Borden/School Cmdts and Unit COs Ongoing
4 What steps will be taken to allow recruits awaiting training (i.e., not undergoing any other type of training), at CFB Borden to improve their ability to communicate in the other official language? Students awaiting training are currently being offered conversational language training in order to assist them in communicating in the other official language. We are also investigating other opportunities for additional language training Admin O/ DCO PRETC/ BCOL Immediate & Ongoing
5 In the short term, what steps have been or will be taken to assist recruits who are currently facing language-related difficulties at CFB Borden? This is a multi-pronged approach. Students experiencing difficulty while on course will be offered additional assistance and tutoring as necessary. Those awaiting training will be offered language training along with consideration for relocation to an area of their choice, while awaiting training, which enables them to function in the language of their choice. Admin O/ DCO PRETC Immediate & Ongoing
6 What steps will be taken to monitor the situation and to assess progress? CFB Borden has developed an Official Language Strategic Plan which will address the observations noted by the Ombudsman and also meet the CF OL Transformation Model’s short and long term plans as endorsed by the CDS by recognizing three specific aims, linguistically qualified personnel in the right place at the right time, enhanced Official Language Awareness and Education Program and a performance measurement system to accurately monitor our ability to consistently provide bilingual services and instruction in language of choice. Admin O/ DCO PRETC Immediate & Ongoing


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