Letter to DM PSPC – Phoenix Overpayment Issues

2 December 2016


Ms. Marie Lemay
Deputy Minister / Deputy Receiver General for Canada
Public Services and Procurement Canada
11 Laurier Street
Building Portage III
Floor 17A1 Room 101
Gatineau, Quebec K1A 0S5


Ms. Lemay,

First of all, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Gary Walbourne and I am the Ombudsman for the Department of National Defence and the Canadian Armed Forces. 

My Office has been inundated with complaints regarding the Phoenix pay system. We have worked closely with your department in our efforts to ensure employees are, primarily, receiving compensation. As we move towards the end of the year, many are concerned with possible, ongoing, tax implications.

Last week one of my constituents had the occasion to write you regarding overpayment due to Phoenix issues. After many fruitless attempts to get a compensation advisor to respond she was able to get resolution within a day of contacting your office.

Having just returned from my west coast outreach, I am in possession of multiple cases of overpayment from employees in the Department.

The employees are wondering, as am I, if there will be a resolution for them prior to end of year or if they can have access to compensation advisors to deal with these specific concerns.

Any clarification you could provide would be greatly appreciated



Gary Walbourne

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