Letter to Comd JPSU: Visit to CFB Gagetown

16 February 2018

Brigadier-General Misener
Department of National Defence
4210 Labelle St,
1 CH1-25
Ottawa, ON K1A 0K2


Dear Brigadier-General Misener,

I recently, through your office Outreach Program, visited the IPSC in CFB Gagetown, meeting with both staff and members.

Over the last several years we have had many engagements with various IPSCs across the country. Usually these sessions are muted and tense and understandably so, the results of these engagements has usually left us with various complaints from both parties.

I have seen incremental improvement across the country over time. However this engagement has left me very encouraged. Without exception, from the members we met, there was nothing but praise for their team and their approach.

The words that were used most often were:

-        Respect
-        Integrity
-        Commitment
-        Flexible
-        Receptive

I must recognize Captain MacGregor and the team. I believe it is their open, honest approach that is making all the difference.

We, all, should recognize and promote things when we get them right. I am sure your continued support to the JPSU will bring continued improvement. I believe the IPSC in Gagetown is an indicator of what we can get right with proper staff and resources.



Gary Walbourne


cc. Chief of the Defence Staff – General J.H. Vance

      Commander 5 CDSG Gagetown – Colonel K.E. Osmond

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