Letter of support to CIMVHR

6 March 2019


Dr. David Pedlar
Scientific Director
Canadian Institute for Military and Veterans Health Research
Queen’s University
301 Kingston Hall
103 Stuart Street
Kingston ON  K7L 3N6


Dear Dr. Pedlar,

I wanted to take this opportunity to demonstrate my office’s appreciation for the continued work of the Canadian Institute for Military and Veteran’s Health Research (CIMVHR). The Office of the National Defence and Canadian Armed Forces Ombudsman has long attended your annual forum and has received tremendous value in contributions to our work. Moreover, our office closely follows the research and findings completed by your vast network of researchers in your 43 national university affiliates and 10 international academic partners.

CIMVHR’s ability to bring various governmental and non-governmental organizations together cannot be overstated. Not only has research by your network directly resulted in policy, regulatory, and even legislative improvements to the military and Veteran’s community in Canada and around the world; but indeed the very presence of the organization and its annual forum serves as a platform for candid discussion and debate. Part of our office’s mandate is to serve as a “direct source of information, referral, and education for the men and women of the Department of National Defence and the Canadian Armed Forces.” As such, we believe that we can help promote and educate the Defence Community on the importance and relevance of CIMVHR’s research initiatives.

In just ten years, CIMVHR has solidified itself as an indispensable and irreplaceable organization that not only serves the interests of the Defence Community in an independent manner, but also delivers service excellence to its clients and partners. Indeed, as my office’s mandate clearly states: “…the ultimate goal is to contribute to substantial and long-lasting improvements to the Defence community”.

I believe that, in the final analysis, we share many of the same objectives, and I look forward to our continued collaboration in the future.



Gregory A. Lick

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