Letter from DM: Joint Personnel Support Unit concerns

9 July 2015

Mr. Gary Walbourne 
DND/CF Ombudsman 
Office of the Ombudsman
100 Metcalfe Street, 12th Floor
Ottawa, Ontario K1P 5M1


Dear Mr. Walbourne:

Recently you requested a copy of the information related to an Evaluation of the Governance of Military Personnel Management.  This evaluation has not yet been completed, but was postponed pending the completion of related work being conducted by Defence Renewal as part of the Lean Headquarters Initiative.

To meet your request and help ensure concrete improvements to the Joint Personnel Support Unit (JPSU) are being identified and implemented, attached is a copy of DND’s preliminary working document. As previously explained, this evaluation is not an evaluation of the JPSU performance, but rather a broad evaluation of the Chief Military Personnel (CMP) Management model, under which falls the JPSU.

Note that this document is very preliminary in nature, neither the findings nor recommendations have yet gone through our vetting process, which would include peer reviews and stakeholder feedback. It is essentially a signal check on preliminary impressions found by the evaluation team. Further note that this is an assessment of performance over the past five years, and that any recent improvements may not have come into full effect. Typically those improvements would be noted in the Management Action Plan Response, which would come once the document was final.

In addition, we are proposing that CMP provide a comprehensive briefing to your staff on the work and findings of the Lean Headquarters Initiative of Defence Renewal, which superseded the work of the evaluation team.



(W) Bill Jones
John Forster

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