Letter from CMP: Regarding the Ombudsman's report on Boards of Inquiry

3 July 2015

Mr. Gary Walbourne
DND CAF Ombudsman
100 Metcalfe Street, 12th Floor
Ottawa Ontario K1P 5M1


Dear Mr. Walbourne,

In his response to your report entitled Boards of Inquiry: Families in Focus, the CDS indicated that he shared your concern that the information needs of military families following the death and serious injury of a CAF member need to be better met. Accordingly, on March 10 2015, in a letter on which you were an information addressee, he tasked me  to take the lead in determining the most appropriate and effective method to achieve this, and to develop a strategy for implementation. 

I have tasked the Director of Military Family Services (DMFS) to lead this project. DMFS will stand-up a working group to include a number of CAF service providers and departmental staff to study the processes and services that are currently in place, identity gaps and develop a strategy to improve family information needs and meet the CDS’ intent. This will include consultation with families. As the CDS indicated, we welcome your offer to provide a member of your team to take part in the working groups. When the terms of reference for the working group have been complete, the DMFS lead Lieutenant-Colonel Jeanette Bishop, will invite your representative to join the working group. In the interim, she may be contacted directly at (613) 943-5518.

I would like to thank you for engaging with us in this most important undertaking, and for keeping the needs of military families at the forefront.


C.T. Whitecross


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