Letter from CDS to CMP on Boards of Inquiry: Families in Focus

10 March 2015

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To: CMP,

On 4 March 2015, I received a copy of the final Ombudsman report entitled Boards of Inquiry: Families in Focus. I accept the recommendations in this report, and have already communicated this to the Ombudsman in a letter penned upon reading the draft report.

One of the key recommendations is the establishment of “a Family Coordinator…for a one-year trial period to help identify the needs of families and effective methods of communication and liaison”. I am not convinced the BOI is the best mechanism to meet families’ needs. It was neither intended nor designed to this end. Ultimately however, the Canadian Armed Forces needs to find the best way to meet the needs of families of deceased or seriously injured Canadian Armed Forces members. While CRS is the DND authority for BOIs, I ask that CMP lead in determining the best method to operationalize this concept, moving forward in two stages:

  • As a first step, identify the most appropriate and effective means by which the CAF may be able to meet the information needs of families following a death or serious injury, whether through BOI or other processes.
  • After analyzing the results, develop a strategy to implement those measures.

I have also offered the Ombudsman a role in this process and ask that his office be included in discussion on the way ahead. It is my expectation that one of his staff be a key member of the team. I look forward to hearing of your discussion and recommended approach in due course.


T.J. Lawson

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